Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Mauling Night Visitor

We've had the CritterCam for a while now, and it's captured a fair number of, well,  critter photos.

Recently, we got around to hanging the birdhouse we bought in the spruce tree next to the rear deck:

It's a very Oregon birdhouse, bought at a farmers' market from a guy who builds them from discarded materials:

To add to the curb appeal, we added a suet-and-seed bell to the house, hoping to lure a bird family to move in.

The next morning, the bell was gone.  After the third time this happened, we set the CritterCam to see who was attacking the bells. We also attached the bell very firmly to the birdhouse with a cable tie so it couldn't be stolen.

This morning, we reviewed the CritterCam footage from last night:

"It isn't a fox," I had explained to Deborah, "Because they do not climb trees."  


It hasn't escaped us that inviting a fox to the neighborhood does nothing good to birdhouse property values, either.

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