Saturday, July 30, 2016

Rebirth of a website

Rebirth of the Blog!

We still live at Roguefarm, but I'm stealing the website as the destination for my new domain, WWW.NO6E.ORG .  It's my ham radio call sign.  You can email me at

I've been smitten lately with Summits on the Air (  It's an activity that gets ham radio operators, usually the most couch-potato-esque people imaginable, to hike to the top of various mountains, hills, promontories and so forth and operate a portable radio station from them.  It sounds bizarre and it is.  SOTA is catching on in the US, but is much bigger in Europe so far.

There are awards for "activating" a particular peak and for contacting people on peaks from one's home.  Those who activate enough can win the coveted Mountain Goat award, while the best "chasers" of people on mountaintops can earn the slightly less prestigious "Shack Sloth" prize.

I'll be posting news and pictures about my activities here.

In the meantime, welcome!