Saturday, June 3, 2017

More Notes on SEAPAC

I've been coming to SEAPAC for a few years now. It's put on by a dedicated bunch of volunteers from several Oregon ham radio clubs.  They usually have a couple of thousand people show up. It's held in Seaside, a picturesque, sort of honky-tonkish old resort town on the Northern Oregon Coast.

Now that my presentation is done, I've been hitting the flea market.  So far, I've bough an ancient Motorola AM radio in a wooden case I hope to refinish.  Also, an almost-equally-ancient piece of test equipment, a James M. Millen "Grid Dip Meter."  Its used to determine the resonant frequency of tuned circuits.  That's it for now, though I'm planning a second run through the flea market during the closing hours, when "My wife told me not to bring any of this stuff back, no matter what" leads (sometimes) to deep discounting.

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